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Residential Living

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Havasu Student Housing, provided through Havasu Hospitality Partners, LLC, is dedicated to maintaining an atmosphere that promotes your academic and personal success. You will quickly connect with your college community and enjoy opportunities to meet others, get involved and develop leadership skills.

Steps to apply for housing:

  1. pay the enrollment deposit via My ASU
  2. visit the Havasu Hospitality Partners website and download the Residence Hall Application 
  3. submit the Application to Havasu Hospitality Partners and pay the housing deposit 

Your room assignment and roommate information (if applicable) will sent to you prior to move-in on Aug. 15, 2014

The Havasu Residence Hall is in a central location within walking distance of the following:

  • Classes
  • student housing
  • Shopping and dining
  • Coffee shops
  • Grocery store
  • Movie theater
  • The lake and the London Bridge

What is the first-time freshman on-campus living expectation?

Arizona State University is committed to ensuring the academic and personal success of its students. National and institutional studies continually have shown that students who live in university designated housing for at least their first year of study have higher GPAs, a more successful transition from high school to college, significantly higher retention rates, are more likely to persist to graduation, and report overall greater satisfaction with their collegiate experience than students who do not live in freshmen housing. In accordance, all first time freshmen students (defined as students who have completed fewer than 25 hours of college credit) are required to live in university designated housing for the entirety of their first academic year. ASU Colleges at Lake Havasu City may make exceptions to the housing expectation under certain circumstances (see below for housing exception forms).

Freshman housing exception forms

Freshmen housing exception request - general information form (pdf)

Freshmen housing exception request - non-commuting form (pdf)

Freshman housing exception request - communiting from home (pdf)

Freshman housing exception reqeust - parent signature form (pdf)