Universal Learner

Universal Learner courses are a selection of common first-year college courses offered in an online format, which allows students to test the college waters without having to commit financially.

High school students who are eager to try out college courses can enroll in this inexpensive yet rigorous, low-stakes 8-week experience while concurrently earning college and high school credits. Students may take two courses per semester.

This program is open to second-semester high school sophomores, juniors and seniors. Enrollment is $25 per course with an extra fee to convert to college credit if students are satisfied with their final grades. Stay and Grow community scholarships are available for students who choose to attend ASU at Lake Havasu.

Stay and Grow

ASU at Lake Havasu has partnered with the K-12 Foundation of Lake Havasu City to provide community scholarships to Open Scale high school students who choose to attend ASU@Lake Havasu after graduation. The Stay and Grow initiative is funded by community partners to increase the number of local students who choose to remain local to continue their university studies, thus building a stronger future for our community.

To earn high school credits, Lake Havasu City high school students must register using the link below.