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Textbook List

The Spring 2020 course textbook list.

Textbook FAQ

1. How do I know which textbooks are required for my classes?
Refer to the textbook list provided above.

2. Do I need my textbooks the first day of classes?

3. Can I buy my textbooks on the Lake Havasu City campus?
No, you must obtain your books from a commercial source.

4. Can I use an older edition of the textbook?
It depends on the course; refer to the textbook list to determine acceptable editions.

5. What are my options for obtaining my textbooks?

  • Purchase a hardcopy (new or used) through a retail vendor;
  • Rent a hardcopy through an online source (for example:,,,;
  • Rent an e-text (Electronic/Digital Textbooks) from an online source (for example:,,,

6. What is the easiest way to locate a source for my books?
Copy the ISBN number from the book list and paste it in your internet search engine (for example: Bing, Google).

7. What is an ISBN (International Standard Book Number)?
ISBN is an unique number that identifies commercial books and is included for each book on the textbook list.

8. Can I use the book title, author, and edition to locate a required textbook instead of the ISBN?
Yes, but make sure that you have typed in all of the information correctly and use the ISBN to verify that you have the correct textbook prior to purchasing or renting.

9. Can I resell my hardcopy textbooks to ASU at the end of the semester?
No, but there are select vendors that have repurchase programs.

10. Can I use my financial aid funds to purchase books?
Yes, but the funds will not be available until disbursement. You may want to purchase your books using a credit/debit card and pay your credit/debit card bill when the funds are disbursed.

11. Who should I contact if I have questions?
Contact Danna Montez at (available by email only).