Jeanette Nangreave

Palo Verde Hall E107

Jeanette Nangreave is a physical chemist lecturing in support of the biology and environmental science programs at ASU@Lake Havasu.

Her experience before coming to the Lake Havasu City campus includes research and lab management at the ASU Tempe campus. She spent seven years studying DNA nanotechology, a multi-disciplinary field that seeks to use DNA molecules as structural elements for application in chemical, biochemical, and medical fields. Before receiving a PhD in Chemistry from ASU, she earned an ACS certified bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina.

Dr. Nangreave is currently interested in enhancing educational STEM opportunities in Lake Havasu by working directly with K-12 teachers in the Lake Havasu City school district to develop interactive, dynamic instructional and laboratory experiences, and encouraging a STEM literate community through outreach events.