Michael Shreeves

Palo Verde E110

Michael Shreeves is a human factors and industrial/organizational psychologist at ASU@Lake Havasu. He teaches introductory psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology, and other upper-level psychology courses.

His main research interest is in developing communications that allow people to make effective decisions under difficult, risky conditions. This has included research in natural disaster warnings and behavior, causal reasoning skills, political bias, and cyber privacy attacks. Most recently, his research has focussed on difficult trade-off treatment decisions faced by medical patients. His specialties include decision-making, emotional reasoning, regression analysis, and normative behavior.

Michael completed his bachelor's degree and M.A. in Experimental and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Alabama in Huntsville and completed his PhD in Human Factors Psychology at Clemson University. Before coming to Lake Havasu, he taught psychology courses for two years at Clemson.