Joshua Fishlock

Palo Verde Hall E120

Joshua Fishlock is a mass communication and media effects researcher lecturing for the Communication program at ASU@Lake Havasu.

Dr. Fishlock has been teaching Communication since 2008, at schools such as The University of Connecticut, The University of Rhode Island, and Rhode Island College. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Communication from the University of Rhode Island, while his Ph.D. in Communication was earned at The University of Connecticut.

Dr. Fishlock’s research is focused primarily on the emotional and moral reactions individuals have when they are exposed to violent video games. However, his area of research spans across many aspects of video game research, ranging from aggression, contextual features of games, and types of controllers used. Recently, Dr. Fishlock has begun to investigate the use of social robotic platforms in risk communication contexts. His research has appeared in The Journal of Communication, Computers in Human Behavior, as well as 21st Century Skills in partnership with the U.S. Department of Education.

Joshua Fishlock is also an established documentary filmmaker, having worked on four documentaries and was nominated for an Emmy for his work on On The Lake: Life and Love in a Distant Place, a film about tuberculosis.