Ryan Nangreave

Palo Verde Hall E115

Dr. Ryan Nangreave joined ASU@Lake Havasu as a faculty member in 2014.  He teaches general, organic and environmental chemistry. 

Ryan received his BS degree from the University of South Carolina with an emphasis in chemistry.  He then worked under Sidney Hecht in the College of Life Science at the BioDesign Institute, BioEnergetics, earning his doctorate from ASU. 

During his tenure under Sidney Hecht he successfully developed novel strategies for producing proteins with non-proteinogenic amino acids and most recently he worked on synthetic routes for the preparation of caged proteins with protected phosphorylated amino acids.  As a post-doctoral fellow at the BioDesign Institute, Molecular Design and Biomimetics, Ryan developed strategies for the preparation of Protein-DNA conjugates and their assembly on DNA nano-scaffolds.